Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to upload photos of my child?

Yes, we have taken measures to ensure the protection of your data. As stated in the privacy policy, we securely store your photos and delete them once your book is generated. We do not sell your photos. We also realize AI results are often unpredictable, so we implemented a safety-checker to make sure no inappropriate images are ever generated using our model. If something is tagged inappropriate, the model will return a blank image.

What file formats of photos do you accept?

Right now we support JPG, PNG, WebP, HEIC, JFIF, TIFF and RAW. We don't support AVIF or GIF.

How long will it take to create images for the book?

It'll take about 2 - 4 hours (based on how many images you upload) to generate images. Once images are generated, you select the ones to be in your book, order the book, and the eBook will arrive in your email within a couple of minutes. Shipping for hardcover or softcover books will be displayed at checkout.

What is the time limit for selecting images, and what happens after that period?

You have a 7-day window to select the images for your personalized book after they are generated. This time limit is in place due to our data protection policy, which ensures that your images and model are securely managed. After the 7-day period, the model will be expired and deleted. If you have not chosen your images within this time frame, you will need to pay again to re-train the model and generate new images. Please make sure to complete your image selection within 7 days to avoid any inconvenience.

What will you do with my photos?

We only use them to train the AI model, render your photos and then delete both the input photos and the AI model from our servers and the GPU API's servers (where it's processed) within 24 hours.

Is your payment service secure?

Yes. Stripe handles our financial processing, so we don't store any information about your card. In addition, Stripe has excellent bank-level security standards.

Can I get a refund?

We immediately start training the AI with your photos after uploading your photos and incur high costs for doing that. Therefore, we can't offer refunds after that happens.