How it Works

1. Select the book

Select the book that you would like to create from the available options. The story will remain the same but the images will come to life and change based on the images you submit.

2. Upload and crop

Upload 5 clear, high quality images of the child. Keep the images consistent, the child should be approximately the same age in all the photos. Once the images are uploaded, you can use our cropping tool to crop the photos to perfection.

3. Pay training + COPPA compliance fee

Training AI models on images are costly. In order to train the model, we collect a fee of $2.99. This also enforces COPPA compliance by ensuring the legal Parent/Guardian is the one uploading photos.

4. Review images to be placed in the book

Review images to be placed in the book. After about 2-4 hours we will notify you that the images have been processed. From here, choose the images you like best to be placed in the book.

5. Order the book

Once you have selected your images, you will be prompted to order your book. You may order an eBook, hardcover, or softcover book. If you decide to order the eBook, you will have the option to order a physical book afterwards. EBooks are included with physical book orders and can be downloaded from your account.