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A Custom Digital Greeting Card

Give your family a gift that's as unique and charming as your little ones for the next holiday. Introducing our limited-time offering: An enchanting service that turns your child's photos into adorable Pixar character versions of them, perfect for creating heartwarming holiday cards.

Specially crafted for each holiday, these cards are the perfect way to spread joy and cheer among your loved ones. Designed for the little ones aged 2-12.

  • At $19.99, get a full digital greeting card that's sure to be treasured.
We use cutting edge AI technology to generate illustrations based on uploaded pictures. Here is how the process works:
  1. First, crop photos of the child with our built in cropping tool.
  2. The cropped images are uploaded and sent to our model to be trained.
  3. The AI model then generates illustrations for your greeting card based on the images.
  4. Finally, we email you the final results when the images are generated.